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Bone Loss

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What Is Bone Loss?

Contrary to popular belief, bone is not just a solid, lifeless structure.  Bone is a very dynamic tissue that – like muscle – both breaks down and regenerates during our lifetime.  Humans achieve peak bone mass around age 30, but post-menopausal women’s bones start to break down faster than they regenerate – leading to bone loss.  Men begin to lose bone at the same rate that women do closer to age 65.

Bone Loss Factors

Bone Loss is somewhat controllable and need not lead to osteoporosis (weakened, porous bones that break easily).  Diet and exercise can help preserve bone strength and density as can the avoidance of certain medications such as corticosteroids.

Natural Solutions for Bone Loss

Dietary supplements like Calcium, and Vitamins D and K can actually build bone, even in aging adults. Each patient should be evaluated to determine what stage of bone loss they are experiencing and prescribe a course of supplementation to help reverse Bone Loss.  Bio-Identical Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D3 with K and combination packets of these vitamins and minerals are very successful in reversing Bone Loss and preventing it altogether.

It’s always easier to prevent a condition like bone loss rather than trying to reverse it.  Dr. Miskell recommends that patients who are pre-menopausal or approaching age 50 start thinking about treatment now.

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