Our Testimonials

Courtney Stidwell, October 2019

I love this office. They always take the time to listen to my concerns and help me with any issue that I may have. They are very helpful and great customer service. The ladies are friendly and and have me hooked!

Debbie Kutz, October 2019

In 2014 I went into full blown menopause, and was told about Dr Miskell after sharing about my hot flashes and anxiety with a nurse at my eye Dr’s office. I have been a monthly patient ever since. I am always greeted warmly and compassionately by nurses and Staff. Rae Benson is the PA I see monthly and is truly concerned for any needs that I have. I am grateful and have been blessed by that original referral to this office and have paid it forward numerous times by referring others.

Jennifer Awe, September 2019

Highly recommend this office. Dr. Miskell provides excellent care! Staff is very professional and helpful.

Amanda, October 2019

Ruth Y. Renteria, October 2019

Courteous team, I was expecting a long wait as that’s my experience in other Drs office.. But I was called soon after I arrived. The waiting rooms are comfortable well stocked with snacks and water. I love the robes they use they’re warm and comfortable, love them made me feel pampered

At Focus Total Health, our goal is to help you live as well as you can while feeling good. The aging process can take a toll, but its effect can be minimized with the use of appropriate hormone therapy and excellent nutrition.

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